Neurofeedback-Supervision (Consulting)

The neurofeedback supervision takes place monthly, by telephone conference, and is held by experienced therapists of our EEG Info team. During the neurofeedback supervision you have the possibility to discuss problems that have come up in your practice in the group and solve these problems with the help of colleagues and the EEG Info therapists. These can be for example individual case studies, clients that are difficult to handle, basic questions about the clinical application or even technical difficulties. The number of participants is limited to 10 participants per conference, because everyone in the group should be able to discuss his or her personal questions. 
We will call you by Skype or telephone on the dates that you have chosen and will add you to the conference. That means you save time and travel expenses and can participate conveniently from your practice or from at home.

If you are a Premium-Member, one supervision per month is for free. If you do not have the Premium-Membership, the costs for an attendance are EUR 85,00 excl. VAT per supervision. Supervisions have to be paid in advance.


In the Premium membership one supervision per user and month is included.

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  • Tue 11. Dec 2018 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 15. Jan 2019 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 12. Feb 2019 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 12. Mar 2019 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 09. Apr 2019 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 14. May 2019 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 11. Jun 2019 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 09. Jul 2019 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 13. Aug 2019 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 10. Sep 2019 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 08. Oct 2019 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 12. Nov 2019 (20:00 MEZ)
  • Tue 10. Dec 2019 (20:00 MEZ)

Language: English (we offer German-speaking dates, too)

How to participate: by landline telephone (not mobile!) or Skype (please always indicate a telephone number where we can reach you in case of technical problems).

Time duration: 1 h each

Registration: until at least 10 days before the date (short-term registrations will not be accepted!)

Cancellation: possible until max. 5 days before the date (by email to: supervision[at]eeginfo[dot]ch).


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