Use of Anti-virus software might lead to problems with Cygnet®

Recently, customer complaints have been growing that Cygnet® is no longer working and that the startup process is canceled with the message "Invalid Exit Code -2". In another case, Cygnet® would run normally but no report could be generated. Instead, a "Local Host Error" occurred at the end of each NFB session. In all these cases, the anti-virus programs "Kaspersky" and "Avast" could be identified as a cause. Apparently, after an (automatic) update of their virus signature file, these (and maybe also other) protection software are "identifying" different subprograms of Cygnet® wrongly (!) as malicious software and move them into their 'quarantine'. What is to be done in such a case?


  1. Open the 'quarantine' in the anti-virus program and restore all entries that have "bioera" or "SomaticVision" in the name.
  2. Then, define all these Cygnet® sub-programs as an "exception" for future virus checks.
  3. For safety reasons, reinstall Cygnet®.

Our recommendation: Since Windows 7, the protection that comes with Windows is good enough for most applications. However, we recommend additional measure. Cygnet® has been developed on computers that either run only “Windows Essentials” for Virus- and Firewall protection, or have Norton Internet Security installed. We only have experience with this software and do recommend only that.



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