Demanding but very useful course

A demanding but very useful course. I am feeling well suited to use the software and NeuroAmp. [En savoir plus]

Auteur :Mads F. Skyggelund, Deputy Head/school for children with learning difficulties

Excellent course

Excellent course that I do recommend for beginners in the field of neurofeedback.  [En savoir plus]

Auteur :Mahmoud Elwasify, Professor of Psychiatry

Enough practice - I was able to start as soon as I came back

There was enough practice so as soon as I came back, I was able to start using Cygnet on my patient. [En savoir plus]

Auteur :Orhan Kilicci, Turkey

Neurofeedback - it seems like a powerful tool

I was really surprised of the effect one training with Neurofeedback had  [En savoir plus]

Auteur :Kristian O.

I like the thoroughness of your approach

I was very happy with the training. Very useful to start with a lot of practicum. I like the thoroughness of your approach. [En savoir plus]

Auteur :Liv Langberg, Counsellor, pschotherapist
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Why EEG Info?

  • One of the leading Neurofeedback providers
  • 25 years of experience in Neurofeedback
  • Lots of practicum
  • You can start working with Neurofeedback immediately
  • Always up-to-date because of own research
  • Extensive support after the course
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