QEEG Courses

HBImed AG offers QEEG courses, in cooperation with EEGInfo.
Learn about the acquisition and analysis of quantitative EEGs (QEEG) and evoked  potentials (ERP) at mental disorders. This method enables a more precise diagnosis and a personalized therapeutic intervention in therms of medication and therapy.

Cours Début Jours Emplacement Pays Langue
QEEG+ERP Bas. Course 5 8400 Winterthur CH Anglais Détails
QEEG+ERP Bas. Course 5 70567 Stuttgart DE Anglais Détails

Cours EEG Info à Los Angeles (USA) » Détails

Why a QEEG Course by HBimed?

  • Learn EEG based diagnoses and how to use this method in your clinical practice
  • Learn how to target mental disorders by means of biomarkers
  • Gain more confidence in treating your patients
  • Courses taught by Prof. Jury Kropotov
  • Credit points available for German attendees for courses in Germany
  • Meet other therapists from many different countries
  • Unique learning environment
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